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Benefit from MFIs Mexico Shelter Service Program and Reduce your risk when starting an operation in Mexico

Shelter Services - A shortcut to manufacture in Mexico

More than 100 companies have been assisted by MFI International in starting and managing their Mexican manufacturing operations.


We’ve helped companies in numerous industries -- including consumer products, electronics, furniture, mattress, medical, military/first responders, pet products, specialty apparel and specialty seating among others operate successfully in Mexico.


Have you ever opened a business in a new State? Complying with new rules and finding workers can be difficult. Starting a business in a country can be even more difficult, but MFI makes sure it isn’t by handling start-up and managerial responsibilities at a very low cost while you concentrate on manufacturing.

Aim Offshoring


These services are called Shelter Services. They include:

* Acquiring start-up permits
* Saving money on customs duties and taxes
* Finding skilled and affordable workers
* Complying with environmental laws
* Purchasing supplies and consumables
* Bringing expatriates into Mexico (if required)
* Handling administrative and legal paperwork
* Handling many fiscal and accounting responsibilities
*Taking care of all cross border logistics

You can learn more about our start-up and managerial services (also called Shelter Services) by contacting our team.

Using the MFI shelter structure simplifies starting operations in Mexico. Please visit MFI's Benefits' page to learn more about the other advantages of selecting Mexico.

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