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Minority Hispanic woman owned business helps diversity with government contracts

MFI International honored as “Minority Manufacturer of the Year”

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Lance levine talks on qualityWith more than 30 years of success, MFI has succeeded because of our adherence to the highest business and ethical standards.


While our status as a "Minority Woman Owned Business" offers advantages to large companies, particularly those doing work the U.S. Government, I know from starting a business as a single mother and having to take care of my children’s needs that I had to do the same with my customers.

I started to design and people kept asking me to design for their stores and design products for different lines of women’s clothing.  They liked my design work, my products. 

I try to share my knowledge as a mentor with people anywhere I can. Most of the time they just need a little “hand-up” not a “hand-out”. They need to visualize their goals and stay focused on their business strategy, exceeding customer expectations, providing exceptional value and customer service.


Cecilia Ochoa Levine, President, MFI International

(I-Newswire) November 6, 2008

El Paso, Texas

MFI International was recently recognized as the Minority Manufacturer of the Year for the company's contribution to the minority small business community in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez region.


This award was presented by the U.S. Commerce Department and the Minority Business Enterprise Center during the annual MED week ceremony in El Paso Texas.  "According to local MBEC's project director Terri Reed, It's important that we recognize, especially in these tough times, that there are businesses that remain successful, we want them to be models for other businesses to follow".


The award was received by Cecilia Levine, owner and president of MFI International. According to Ms. Levine, "The success of our company has been driven by strategic alliances with international corporations with an interest in global competitiveness; we have accomplished this by following our corporate strategy which is to offer business solutions through our manufacturing in Mexico support models allowing companies to be more competitive in today's economy".