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Lance R. Levine

CEO and Founder

Lance’s commitment to improving the community may be seen through his leadership in these business and civic organizations:

  • Board of directors of the Foreign Trade Association
  • Chairman of the El Paso Mayor’s Manufacturing Cabinet
  • Director of the U.S./Mexico Strategic Alliance

In addition, he is active as a member in these leading organizations:

         In the global markets, as the managing director of IA Sourcing Asia, Lance provides leadership for this international sourcing and inspection company that has headquarters in Taiwan and China.  He serves on the board of directors of Innovei Electronics, LP, a company focused on electronic repair and reverse logistics.

He holds a bachelor of science degree from New York University’s School of Commerce.  He is married to Cecilia Ochoa Levine, and they have six children.  A serious and dedicated amateur photographer.




Larry Amrich


Larry has the multi-faceted experience and resourceful track record to drive innovative and effective results for MFI and our clients on a strategic and sustained basis.


Throughout his career, Larry has effectively demonstrated the hands on ability to re-organize, streamline and strengthen existing operations as well as capitalize on new business opportunities within challenging, competitive and volatile global markets.


With exceptional problem solving and analytical skills, an entrepreneurial spirit Larry helps our customers transform business strategies into profitable operations.


Ricardo Armendariz N.

Quality Control Manager

At MFI Ricardo’s responsibilities include maintaining and improving manufacturing quality systems to assure product and process quality, and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.


With more than 10 years of experience at Delphi and Lear, Ricardo has mastered manufacturing quality systems.  His responsibilities with these companies point to impressive credentials:

  • Product, process and application engineering
  • Time line mentality (sense of urgency)
  • “Flattening” the organization (More “doers” and “fewer” watchers)
  • Engineering excellence (QVC Gates)
  • Teamwork (Cross-staff, cross-functional, global)
  • Efficient communications (Simplify the complex, the “one-pager”
  • Timely (with broad involvement) and lean product development.  He has trained and certified hundreds of students in his various courses.


Maria Eugenia Gomez Garcia

Engineering Manager

Also known as "Maru," she holds certifications in Green Belt Technical, Black Belt, MOST, FMEA, and SMED, she has been trained in APQP, PPAP and ISO/TS.


By way of her previous assignment as a customer service manager, she is very knowledgeable concerning budgeting, production planning, material requirements and head count allocations. During her career she received recognition as being the best Manufacturing Engineering practices for the Fuel Handling Manufacturing Engineering group.

She will soon receive her master's degree in manufacturing management from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores (ITESM) campus in Monterrey. Her undergraduate degree was in industrial engineering, with a major in quality and productivity at the Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Juárez, ITCJ, Ciudad Juárez, Chih. Mexico.


Cecilia Ochoa Levine

Board Member

Cecilia has served as a board member and co-chairman for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, El Paso branch.  She now chairs Green 7 de Mexico. 


Active in global markets, she is a partner in Innovei Asia which has offices in Taiwan and relationships with manufacturing plants in China.


Born in Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico, Cecilia moved to the United States in 1966 with her parents and eight brothers and sisters.  She attended the University of Texas El Paso where she studied geology.  Cecilia became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1982.


In 1988 she became partners with Lance Levine; they married shortly thereafter.  Cecilia has three granddaughters.  Her hobbies include painting, interior and exterior decorating, travel, and the arts.  Her design experience has proven an asset to many of MFI's clients.


Cecilia's board memberships, and awards include:

  • Vice president of Southwest Maquila Association
  • Board member of the national and local board of BBVA Compass Bank
  • Manufacturer of the Year by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of  Commerce, 2009
  • USHCC National and Regional Hispanic Business Woman of the Year, 2006
  • Small Business Administration's Minority Women-Owned Business of the Year Award, 2003
  • President's Export Council, 2003-2008
  • World Trade Center, Chairman of the Board, 2001-2004
  • CNIMME (Mexican National Maquiladora Association)
  • AMAC - Ciudad Juárez Maquiladora Council (through MSI)
  • Chairman of the US/Mexico Border District Export Council, 2008 - present
  • Many charitable Organizations (click here to learn more)


Paola Ramos

Marketing Director

Paola is a former executive director of the El Paso/Juarez World Trade Center Association. She is experienced is conventional and digital media.


Currently Paola participates as a member of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Central South Texas Business Minority Council as well as the ITESM alumni association.

She grew up in the U.S. Mexico border region; she is bicultural and fully bilingual.   She is married and has 2 daughters.


Miguel Angel Marentes Cardonar

Director PC&L

He studied electronic industrial engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez.  He is responsible for customer service, demand fulfillment and deliveries and communication with U.S. customers on all business related affairs, assuring MRP data integrity and MRP reporting. 


His experience includes program management at Plexus Electronica, Ciudad Juarez; plant management at Elamex, Ciudad Juarez, and quality engineering at RCA Componentes, also in Ciudad Juarez. He is a certified Category C instructor-examiner  under MIL-Std-2000 high-reliability soldering and is Six Sigma green belt certified.


Fatih Akben

Director of Business Development

Fatih brings the MFI Team 30+ years of diverse experience in executive management, strategic business development, marketing, sales, information technology and digital media.


He has lived and traveled internationally and holds a Bachelors of Architecture Degree from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada.


He delivers corporate success through exceptional commitment to customer success and excels at solving complex problems, re-engineering operations and applying technology.


He has experience in business development helping Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.


He has worked with various charitable groups including Juarez Competitiva, “Christmas in April”, The AHA and Centers Against Family Violence.


Lawrence Wollschlager

President and COO

He has extensive experience in manufacturing, shelter operations and the energy industry, supported by a strong background in mechanics, CAD and engineering. He has also worked with many major companies in global product sourcing in Asia and Central and South America.


Lawrence’s current affiliations include the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of  Commerce, the Juárez Maquiladora Association, the U.S./Mexico Strategic Alliance, and other local industry organizations.

He studied at the University of Texas at El Paso and is bicultural and bilingual.

He leads major projects to assure customers receive the full benefits of: 6MFI


Tomas Mena

Director of Shelter Program

Tomas’ experience includes establishing and maintaining valuable government alliances. 


During his term as President of the AMAC, the Juarez maquiladora association, and as vice president of the National Council for the Maquiladora Industry in Mexico (Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportacion - CNIMME) he built extensive local government networks.


Daniel Desperak

Plant Manager

Daniel’s brings the MFI Team, a strong manufacturing experience background in electronic s assembly, assisting OEM companies such as VW, GM, Hyundai, Hirschmann, Kuhnke.


His automotive and consumer electronics background has been applied to: product design product design and development through end of product life and included strategies for contingency planning and risk mitigation, while assuring program consistency and customer satisfaction.


Daniel offers expertise in logistics and QA services.  He is a former German Air Defense officer and is fluid in: German, English, Spanish and somewhat fluent in Polish.


Other accomplishments include IPC specialist, VW formal Q Certification, VW QPN Certification and service as staff sergeant and radar instructor at Fort Bliss at El Paso, Texas.


Jose Luis Chaparro Cano

Human Resources Manager

Jose Luis He excels at communications with employees at all levels as well as employee relations.


He has implemented internal sports programs which featured participation by as many as 4,500 employees.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Juarez.


As human resources manager Jose Luis oversees MFI's extensive employee benefits, and education programs including: