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Social responsibility in the world of manufacturing

There are more than profits at stake when manufacturing goods outside of the U.S.; Mexico’s labor law has high standards for businesses manufacturing in Mexico, ensuring fair labor practices throughout the manufacturing process, as well requirements for safe facilities.

In addition to offering a safe environment and safe labor practices to its employees, MFI offers the following benefits:

  • Training
  • Medical (in-house doctor and nurse, social security for Mexican general medicine assistance in government hospitals)
  • Meals (in-house cafeteria, breakfast and lunch provided to all employees)
  • Transportation (between housing communities and MFI factories)
  • Housing assistance
  • Continuing education (elementary through high school)
  • Life insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Bank accounts

MFI Social Responsibility

Above and beyond, MFI promotes quality of life in Juarez, Mexico. 

Through its non-profit association, headed by Cecilia Levine, Co-Founder and board member of MFI International; The US-Mexico-Canada Strategic Alliance, is dedicated to providing quality of life for our community. The alliance forms partnerships between key associations from both sides of the borders, between private and public organizations, to work towards mutual benefits for the Juarez and El Paso Texas community.

One of the centerpieces of the nonprofit alliance’s effort is done through music.  The USMC is the primary sponsor for Esperanza Azteca (Aztec Hope) Juarez Youth Symphony Orchestra. Founded in 2010, the orchestra today consists of about 200 (8- to 19-year-old) children who rehearse almost every afternoon at space it rents at a Juarez, Mexico institution called “The Instituto Vision Mexico school” (which means “Mexico Visionary Institute School.” It occasionally performs in public on both sides of the border, in Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

MFIs non-profit arm is also involved in Ciudad Juarez’s effort to build a community center that is called “The Point” or “El Punto” in Spanish. It has pledged “significant funds” to manage this project, which is expected to be completed in 2016. The community center will include a music academy, an educational center, a chapel for religious services, an immigration facility to help travelers, and an outdoor auditorium for cultural activities. It’s also expected to be a tourist attraction because of its architecture.

Above and beyond, MFI promotes quality of life in Juarez, Mexico. 

MFI and the Strategic Alliance combined have demonstrated a remarkable foresight by embracing this project. It clearly shows our commitment to social responsibility in the world of manufacturing.

Cecilia Levine
MFI Co-founder and Board Member