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Answers to Questions About Nearshore and Manufacturing in Mexico

Is now the time to change your outsource manufacturing strategy? What would such an endeavor cost, and how cost-effectively could it be accomplished? Learn the benefits, cost, logistics and security of manufacturing products in Mexico this June 11-13 at an upcoming Dallas, Texas conference called Nearshoring Mexico 2013.

Nearshoring Mexico 2013 gathers business leaders from AlixPartners (consulting), Accenture (consulting), DHL (logistics) and our own MFI International (hands-on Mexico manufacturing) as well as government trade officials for intelligent discussion of topics critical to successful manufacturing and delivery. Total landed cost, supply chain alignment and effective security are just a few of the issues scheduled for discussion.

MFI is further pleased to announce that CEO Lance R. Levine will be participating at Nearshoring Mexico in a June 12th forum entitled “Security Best Practices,” addressing key issues of Mexico’s supply chain management such as:

  • Protecting manufacturing operations
  • Guarding against supply chain disruptions
  • Smuggling
  • Transportation security

Lance has more than 40 years in the manufacturing in Mexico and is deeply familiar with Mexican compliance and best practices procedures.

As far as security and cost concerns, current manufacturing heads say they’re as comfortable manufacturing in Mexico as they are in the U.S. A new AlixPartners survey reveals 37% of executives say they would choose Mexico as their preferred location for nearshoring (defined as moving production of products closer to the U.S. consumer base). An equal number, 37%, of executives also cited the U.S. as an equally attractive homeshore base.

AlixPartners, a global business advisory firm, continued to report that Mexico and India have overtaken China with cost advantages of 15% to 20%, similar to the levels China enjoyed over other low-cost countries in the early 2000s.

To learn more about Nearshoring Mexico (June 11-13 in Dallas), visit:

To learn more on how MFI International MFG., can assist in your nearshoring manufacturing to Mexico strategy, contact us here.
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