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Do's and Don'ts at NOLA when visiting for IFAI

New Orleans is the place to be for a night of festivities or a day of culture and history. To make the most out of your New Orleans adventure this year follow the Do’s and Don’ts listed below to navigate the city like a pro.

Don’t Depend on Cab Service

Taxi service in New Orleans can be unreliable and sometimes extremely costly. Cab services in New Orleans do not often do call ahead service so you may end up trying to wave one down for over an hour in some popular locations. Also during holidays, or busy times they may only offer to take you for an inflated rate. Play it safe and secure your travel service ahead of time by using Uber or Lyft service.

Do Spend a Night on the Town in the French Quarter

The French Quarter is not only one of the oldest areas in New Orleans but also one of the most well know. You can see some fantastic sites and architecture as well as spend a bustling evening at one of the many bars and clubs in the area. If you want to hear some authentic New Orleans jazz, Frenchman Street is a must stop for your itinerary.

Don’t Venture Off the Beaten Path

While the city may seem like a nonstop party, it is a large city, and as with most large cities, there is usually higher crime rates. If exploring the city late at night, be sure to travel in groups and avoid using shortcuts through alleys and backroads. Stick to areas where there are a lot of tourists, and if you are not sure which areas of the city are safe to travel around at night, inquire with the front desk at your hotel, they will be happy to let you know.

Do Stop by the MFI Booth at IFAI Expo to Share Your New Orleans Experience

Share your New Orleans, Louisiana adventure at the MFI booth1432 at IFAI Expo 2017. Stop by for some great conversation and information about domestic and nearshore manufacturing, with cut & sew and assembly solutions.