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MFI Can Manage Your Company's Operation In Mexico

Does your company want to move its manufacturing plant to Mexico?

Are you confident that your company can manufacture its products itself in Mexico rather than outsource the production to an established manufacturer in Mexico?

If the answers to both of these questions is ‘yes,’ you might think that your company doesn’t need the assistance of a Mexican manufacturing company. You might think about it twice, because you also might need the startup and managment services of a Mexican manufacturer. These services are called shelter services.

Mexico has a high-quality, competitive-cost workforce so moving to Mexico is a good decision. In fact, more American manufacturers have been moving to Mexico in recent years because they’re becoming more interested in higher-value products, the wage gap between Mexico and China is shrinking, Mexican manufacturers have faster production turnaround times than Asian manufacturers, and Mexican plants have higher workplace safety and labor standards than Asian plants.

Moving to Mexico, also requires knowing and understanding Mexico so well that your company has to be skilled in managing a Mexican operation. That means being able to navigate the nation’s import, export, tax, regulatory and environmental laws as well as the zoning and administrative laws of the municipality where you want to start your operation.
Fortunately, MFI International is the answer to your Mexico project.

MFI has been a contract manufacturer for American companies since 1982 with operations in Ciudad Juarez, which is adjacent to El Paso, Texas. The company has succeeded in a multitude of industries because its clients include companies in the consumer products, electronics, furniture, mattress, medical, pet products, and specialty seating industries.

While handling the contract manufacturing for companies in all of these industries, MFI has also become an expert and leading provider of shelter services in the region. These include:

* Acquiring start-up permits
* Saving money on customs duties and taxes
* Complying with environmental laws
* Purchasing supplies and consumables
* Handling administrative and legal paperwork
* Handling many fiscal and accounting responsibilities
*Taking care of all cross border logistics

Contacting MFI to find out more about the company’s shelter services is easy.

If you’re a company that is looking to open an operation in Mexico and wants to have full control of the quality and quantity of its own production, hiring a company like MFI to handle your shelter services is a very smart investment.

Hiring an expert in shelter services minimizes the risk that non-Mexican foreign companies take when they set up a facility in Mexico. By taking advantage of the expertise of shelter providers, there is no reason why companies of any size and scope can’t follow the example of global industry leaders and open an operation in Mexico.