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Our Time At ISPA Affirms Corporate Strategy

It was great getting together with others at this year’s International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Industry Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. This event provided a space to strengthen bonds with customers, build relationships with vendors and look for ways to improve, in order to continue to be great at what we do. As an ISPA member, we are committed to supporting their initiatives that benefit us as well as the entire industry.

MFI also had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from guest speaker David Avrin, CSP, known as The Visibility Coach. He reminded us of something that we hold to be true; a company’s brand resides in the mind of the customer. What does this mean for us at MFI? It means that there must be more to who we are than simply manufacturing great products.

Mr. Avrin added that “Marketing is not meant to make up for your deficiencies – you cannot underperform.” Our mission has been and will continue to be the practice of principles that have made us a trusted partner to major brands. There is a famous saying that we believe is still true, and we put into practice. It is, “Under-promise and Over-deliver.” That is what we will continue to do.

As a family business, we take success personally. It means that we are doing what is best for the customer. That’s why we seek to always improve, get “leaner,” add more value, and take nothing for granted. Business always needs to be earned.

So, to our customers thank you. You are important to us and we welcome any input that will make us your best choice. And to those who aren’t yet a customer, we’d love to hear how we can become a company you can trust.