COVID-19 Response

MFI Production Shift to PPE

(Personal Protective Equipment)

MFI is committed to providing safe and reliable products to its clients.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, MFI has cut down on its regular production, keeping the safety of its employees and clients as a top priority. MFI will continue to produce only PPE (personal protective equipment), essential items, which include the following:

  • Protective masks
  • Medical gowns
  • Medical Mattresses
  • Medical Pillows
  • Body Bags
  • Medical Evacuation Litters

All materials used for production have been handled in accordance with established safety guidelines, not limited to a sanitary production site and product handling by screened employees. All employees are expected to follow COVID-19 workplace guidelines and wear regulated PPE— gloves, eye, face and respiratory protection.

For additional specifics on our production shift, please contact us here.

MFI Commitment to Safety​

MFI and its branches will continue to act responsibly by taking extreme precautionary measures, outlined by the CDC and OSHA per COVID-19. The company’s top priority has always been its employees, clients and community. As a commitment to their safety, MFI is carrying out the following actions, maintaining its strict expectations of a hygienic workplace:

Development of an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

Basic Infection Prevention Measures

  • Frequent and thorough handwashing
  • Use of antibacterial sanitization gel (60% alcohol content or higher)
  • Installation of additional sanitization facilities (i.e. hand sanitizer stations)
  • Daily health screenings– temperature monitoring, symptom questionnaire, medical exam (if appropriate)
  • Social distancing of work spaces and common areas
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Regular area sanitation, shift-to-shift
    • Work area, bathroom, cafeteria, water fountain, and door-lock sanitization
  • Prohibition of person-to-person contact
    • Restrictions: Opening doors, handshakes, kisses and hugs; Visitors.
    • Established protocol for random and/or unexpected visits
    • Business trips have been postponed, until further notice.
  • Employees and leadership require up-to-date vaccinations

Implementation of Workplace Controls

  • Engineering
  • Administration
  • Safe work practices
  • Personal protective equipment

Workplace Safety Communication

  • Daily meetings at 8:30 AM with leadership and staff
  • Regular communication, reviewing prevention tips and best practices
  • TV programming on preventative measures
  • Continued crisis management and planning

Creation of MFI International COVID-19 Committee

The company will continue to stay up to date with local, state and national Coronavirus safety guidelines, as it pertains to the operations at MFI International.

Additional Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Occupational Health and Safety Administration