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The Value NAFTA Brings To American Business

MFI was recently featured in a Washington Post article titled “With NAFTA in Trump’s crosshairs, Mexico’s border factories brace for the unknown.” The article touched on how the Trump Administration is seeking to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – blaming it for the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs. With manufacturing facilities on both sides of the Rio Grande – one in El Paso, Texas and the other in Ciudad Juarez, it has been the experience of MFI that free trade between Mexico and the U.S. has actually created American jobs.

Cecilia Levine, an owner of MFI is quoted in the article, “We are in the desert where things don’t look that green, but what makes our area very fertile is our people on both sides of the border who work in the manufacturing industry. Every job in Mexico produces jobs in the United States.”

Free trade enables MFI to send unfinished products to their plant in Ciudad Juarez for assembly and then import the finished product back to the United States without paying duties. That cost savings is passed on to the consumer who benefits from lower prices for finished goods.

But there is agreement with the Trump Administration on one thing. As Lance Levine, CEO and Founder of MFI has pointed out, “Chinese currency manipulation and government subsidies have prevented fair competition.” As the Post points out, finished goods from China are arriving in the United States at a lower cost than the materials used to create them.

Prior to NAFTA, Lance and Cecilia had manufacturing operations in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, and in their small way, have helped to intertwine the local economies in both border towns. NAFTA lowered tariffs and bound both the U.S. and Mexico to an established set of rules and regulations that created an environment of stability.

Research has proven that NAFTA has benefited the United States as well as Mexico, and MFI affirms that fact. “Our personal experience has proven that the benefits that NAFTA created have enabled us to add jobs at our El Paso facility, grow our business nationally, and ultimately benefit the American consumer.” add Mr. Levine.

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