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Textile Manufacturers: How Nimble Is Your Supply Chain?


For the textile and apparel sector, the old axiom has never been more true. One must adapt, or die.

Over the past decade, online shopping habits have radically transformed the industry to emphasize supply chain speed and flexibility — as much as cost. It’s an emphasis poised to grow, according to Textile World magazine. In light of changing market dynamics, apparel manufacturers and assembly lines face increasing pressure to make and deliver orders faster, reports the online publication. In this fast-moving marketplace, being nimble and local are clear advantages.

As near-shore textile assembly needs grow paramount, Mexico Manufacturing is perfectly placed to serve the U.S. and Latin American markets. Easy cross-border transportation, skilled labor at low costs, and speed to market are just some of our southern neighbor’s inherent advantages—particularly given the rigidity and lack of control over remote Asia.

“I see speed becoming even more important and that’s partly why more product is moving to this hemisphere — economically, the numbers are working, and in-transit time is so much shorter,” reports Textile World, quoting Michelle Landgrebe, vice president of Americas, VF Sourcing Latin America.

At MFI, we provide turnkey [Full Package] and shelter services for companies looking to set up their own factory or specialty textile-manufacturing equipment in near-shore Mexico. Our contract manufacturing services are dedicated to producing aerospace, automotive, medical, and pet products, home furnishings (mattress covers, toppers, pillows and bedding accessories), specialty seating, and specialty apparel such as activewear, work wear, safety and high-visibility garments.

When it comes to your textile assembly suppliers, how flexible is your supply chain? Have you encountered problems turning around orders and getting them delivered quickly? Visit our MFI site, or call us at 866-918-2260 to see how we can help improve and streamline your textile pipeline. MFI Booth #1102 IFAI Expo 2012.

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