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While U.S. Textile Manufacturing Remains Sluggish, Mexican Capacity Grow

A recent op-ed piece by Mike Flanagan in Sourcing Journal Online lamented the sluggish growth in U.S. textile manufacturing, particularly when it comes to apparel. Despite some small progress in the textile area, Flanagan reports that there has been an annual decline in apparel making since the early 90s. Unfortunately the U.S. apparel manufacturing industry does not yet seem to be participating in the national jobs recovery.

One of the major problems in the U.S. apparel arena is the difficulty of finding, training and retaining skilled sewing machine operators. In response, some unscrupulous organizations in New York and California have turned to unsafe and unsavory sweatshops which employ a heavily-immigrant workforce for sub-minimum wages.

Meanwhile, demand in the textile industry, for contract manufacturing capabilities steadily ticks up as the economy continues to improve in other areas. Companies in other all sectors from aerospace, automotive, apparel, and home furnishings, are all looking for nearshore and reliable manufacturing sources as well. 

MFI has over 33 years of contract manufacturing expertise in the sewing world, and can help bridge the gap between American production demands and Mexican manufacturing capabilities, across multiple industries. There are many reasons to turn to Mexican manufacturing solutions such as speed to market, ease of transportation, an educated and skilled labor force, multiple free trade agreements, extensive cross-border shipping capabilities, political and economic stability, and a country that understands American manufacturing needs. Based on all of these benefits, the area between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico has grown to become the fourth largest manufacturing center in North America.

There is no need to resort to sweatshops or uncertain Pacific Rim producers, or deal with overburdened California ports, when companies can enjoy the benefits of low cost, high quality, and predictable speed to market with an established and certified contract manufacturer. In January 2015 the Mexican government instituted a certification system that rewards companies for compliance with all government trade and tax regulations. Because of our high level of integrity MFI is the only contract manufacturer in the textile industry in Mexico with a triple A certification (AAA), the highest level available. This assures our clients of strict compliance to rigorous production controls and systems, and also eliminates any concern about potential Value Added Tax (VAT) implications.

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